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It is well known that hypnosis can be very effective in easing many of the side effects of radical cancer treatments.  Easing the nausea associated with chemo and some of the issues with radiation.  In addition, people who get hypnotherapy prior to surgery tend to heal more quickly.  This is due to a lessening of the anxiety associated with an approaching surgery.  Call us with your questions.

Additionally we are now linked with a mesothelioma site providing information and services to those diagnosed with this issue.  Here is their statement and a link to their site. 

EFT and Mesothelioma
Patients diagnosed with cancer, including those with malignant mesothelioma, are increasingly turning to alternative therapies to help alleviate symptoms associated with traditional treatment methods.  Learn more about mesothelioma, and how emotional freedom technique can be beneficial to those experiencing mesothelioma radiation and chemotherapy.

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