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"You taught me a way to not only transform my life, but to change it 180°.  You helped me greatly to ident ify my full potential and encouraged me to enter new ways."
Andrea, Germany  

"I'm experiencing a huge change in myself perception.  I am learning, relearning, how to feel free and unlimited."
Judy, New York  

"Phillip Gowins is a bright, articulate, sensitive, intuitive and humorous man with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to draw upon during difficult times.  He helps, Phillip helps."
Sally, British Colombia  

"After working with Dawn I dropped two dress sizes and feel a whole lot better about myself." Ann, Pennsylvania 

"I was addicted to alcohol.  After working with Phillip I discovered that I no longer had the desire.  It surprised me to realize I was actually free."
Peter, New Jersey

I knew my life had to change, but I needed the guidance and support. I contacted Phil and was immediately put at ease. He taught me the skills I needed to lead a positive, peaceful, and successful life.
 Mary, Pennsylvania

"The hypnosis assured me that I really CAN trust myself, I am glad and thanks to you I believe more in myself again. I feel very peaceful since the session."
Jana, Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for seeing my friend to help him out.
He had a great first experinece with you and called me right after the session to tell me all about it.
I look forward to seeing you myself real soon.
You have such a great gift.

Pat, Pennsylvania

Just wanted to let you know that things are going extremely smoothly. 
I sing your praises to people who I know will hear what I am saying.
Alison, Pennsylvania

Hello Phil, just wanted to thank you for such an enlightening experience. I am doing well, and I've noticed small changes in my thought process. You are such an inspirational person filled light and love.
Ayanna, Pennsylvania

The relaxation CD certainly has done wonders.
Thank you!
-Melissa, Pennsylvania

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