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Corporate Services

Is the health of your employees and management staff of utmost importance to the performance of your organization? Does your company self insure or provide some portion of employees insurance? If the answers to these questions are yes then Hypnosis can be of great benefit to you

Do you have employees who still smoke, thereby harming their basic health? Hypnosis is a proven solution to finally quitting this debilitating habit. There is considerable evidence that the basic issue with smoking is not the physical addiction but the mental and emotional grooves a person forges in their mind to convince themselves that they cannot quit. Hypnosis addresses these issues directly and helps the individual shift their basic ideas about themselves.

This is also true for weight control. As I am sure you know, obesity is one of the biggest problems our society is facing right now. Obesity is a major factor in heart disease, diabetes and other major health issues. Additionally employees who come this issue also discover the importance of self mastery and become much more efficient in their endeavors. Increased self worth and ego strengthening are the results of conquering food addictions. Hypnosis is an extremely valuable alternative when used in conjunction with diet and exercise programs.

Stress and anxiety in the work place have long been recognized as difficulties getting in the way of productive efficiency. An employee who calmly meets all challenges while maintaining health and a good is obviously going to be much more valuable then one who is consistently anxious about performance. Teaching employees deep relaxation techniques and helping them to discover inner resources is one of the very valuable tools that hypnosis can deliver. 

These are only a few of the issues that hypnosis can address. 

The staff of Hypnosis Horizons looks forward to working with you and designing a program that best suits the needs of your company and the mental, emotional and physical health of your employees.